I found this random software the other day called n-Gen.  Basically it's a semi random design generator.  You can download various modules.  Each module has various parts like backgrounds, icons, images, fonts, colors schemes and layout rules.  You run n−Gen, pick a module, type in a few things and then press [n−generate] and ... POOF ... you get instant graphic design.

I'm sure people that have actually studied graphic design could tell me all the problems with this approach and I'm not saying graphic design jobs will suddenly dry up but the program sounded interesting so I downloaded it and pressed the randomizer a few times and below you can see the results.  Many of them look strangely similar to so many of the source books I have.  Click on any one for a larger view.

The program lets you pick various form like flyer, poster, business card, CD cover etc.  It's clearly a beta version.  And it would seem like it's pretty poorly written.  To save an image it currently just turns off all menus and then does a screen capture.  If there happened to be another window in front of it then the saved file will have that window in it.  It's also "busy waiting" for events which is another way of saying that while it's running, even though you might not be using it, it's using 100% of your processor power so other programs are not very zippy.

I've actually wanted to take graphic design classes for a while now but I've never gotten around to it.  Whenever I want to design something I'm always stuck for ideas and pretty much end up just sticking with a drop shadow and that's about it.  I would like to learn design techniques.  How to go about thinking about design, coming up with designs.  There's got to be some advice for that kind of stuff.

Although, playing around with this software it's pretty easy to divine the rules it's following for a particular module so maybe I should just download all the modules, divine the rules and that can be my graphic design education 😃

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