Music for Learning Japanese


I was sent a link to a song to learn hiragana and katakana this morning. The sender didn't put a name but the song's website says it's by Danny, Janet and Alyssa. Strangly there appears to be no link to the actual song on that site.

As far as I know the Japanese don't have a Japanese alphabet song like we have the A B C song in the states. It's possible they do and I've just never heard it.

This is my favorite one. It's by Pizzicato Five. If you want the whole thing it's the last track on Ca Et La Du Japon.

I actually like that CD but it's pretty different from Pizzicato Five's normal stuff. Fashion People is kind of a turn off with lyrics like "Fashion people are beautiful people, Fashion people are special people, I wanna be a friend of Fashion people". but is arguably part of what Pizzicato Five and many Japanese women are about.

And, I'm still not sure what the meaning of "In America" is with words like "In American work is work, play is play. In American yes means yes, no means no. In American they even wash their face with Coke−a−Cola" but it's a cool song never the less.

Actually there are samples of most of the songs on

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