More Phone Crap


So, I got the new phone a few days ago. Within the first day I already got 3 spam mails. The next day I got 3 more. Spam is a big problem here in Japan. Part of the problem is that since the default e−mail address is just your phone# + or @j− etc it's very easy to make a program that will just send e−mail to all possible phone numbers. But, worse, it costs 2 cents per e−mail received and a minimum.

Even worse though, on Friday about 6pm I started getting unlisted phone calls. In otherwords somebody or some people were calling me with their caller ID blocked. When I'd pick up the phone, instant disconnect. This is exactly the same thing that was happening with my J−Phone phone and the reason I cancel. But, worse than my J−Phone phone, I got around 40 calls Friday night. The calls came every 5 to 15 minutes. I set the phone to not except calls from unlisted numbers. Around 10 I started getting calls from public phones. Those show up differently on my phone. So, I blocked those too. Of course that's unacceptable because maybe a friend's battery has died or maybe a friend is visiting from the U.S. In either case I need to NOT block those kinds of calls.

Saturday morning I got 3 more so I went to DoCoMo and they said all they could do is change my phone #. Fine, I hadn't told a single friend about my phone # yet. But, stupider on DoCoMo's part. There's solution to the spam problem is to let you change your e−mail address at any time. You just go to a certain webpage on your celphone and put in the name you want. If nobody else is using it you get it. Well, what they didn't take into account is changing phone #s but NOT wanting the change my e−mail. I had registered but after DoCoMo change my phone # they day I would no longer be able to use that e−mail address. Ugh!!!!

On top of which, once they changed my phone # I could not change any settings until 9am the next day. So I couldn't change my new e−mail address from to something else. By 9am the next morning I had already received more spam.

And, I also just found out about this new i−Mode virus where malicious people can get your phone to dial #s without your permission.

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