More Ms.J obsessing and stuff


I guess they are just getting ready for the big Janet push. I checked her site again today because I wanted to see the video since I don't have any way to see American music videos over here short of getting cable and just last night they completely re−did her site.

They now have a sample of that song I'm hooked on, "Somebody to call my Lover". If you go to her site and click on "Album" you can find the song.

In other news I found this very twisted spec commercial at AdCritic. Warning, contains nudity. Also have you guys seen the Nintendo Conker Ad. Has their been any kind of uproar over Conker?. Sure it says rated M but I would suspect lots of kids are getting their hands on it and if you aren't paying attention to the M the box looks like your average kid friendly game at a glance.

Maybe Nintendo wants to get violent games banned since that's the majority of Sony and Microsoft's lineup so having done that they become #1??? Just an idea.

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