More 505 stuff


A few more things a 505 cell phone can do.

1) All of them have infrared communications. That's not that new. Many phones have had that before. It's used to beam info from one phone to another like your phone number, address, e−mail etc. The new thing about the 505s is that using their net connection you can view an online TV guide, pick the programs you want to record, point your cellphone at your VCR and it will program it for you.

2) You can take pictures with all 505s. All 505s have memory sticks or sd cards to get the pictures off easy. But, they can also beam the images through their infrared beam directly to photo printing machines.

3) They can scan special square barcodes. They tried to do this before with older cameras for coupons. This time they plan to put the codes in the magazines. Scan the code with your camera and you can either order the product on the spot from your phone or have it give you map to the nearest store that carries the product.

Seems like it would have been easier to just print some kind of code like [⭐️:G35TFR], then you could just type it into any phone instead of only 505s with special scanning software built in.

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