Monkey Golden Showers


Saturday I went to Fuji Safari Park with some friends from work. It's a zoo except there are no cages, instead you drive your car through it and the animals can walk right up to your car. In otherwords you take the risk of getting your car messed up and as one of my friends had brough his car that morning he was not about to drive it through.

When I was a kid there was a park like this in Irvine called Lion Country Safari. I guess the original is in Florida and is still there. The one in Irvine is long gone. I remember my parents taking me there and some ostrich came up and pecked at our orange 510 Datsun window.

The one here in Japan has a few more things. One, they have a walk through tour. The walk through tour is on fenced off areas and elevated walkways though the park.

Another thing they have is cage buses you can ride in and you can actually feed the animals including feeding lions, tigers and bears. Oh my! 😛 A couple of the buses have glass windows and are air−conditioned/heated. The rest are cages so you can get up close with the animals.

And they have a night tour where they drive you around in the bus and they give everybody a night scope. We did that which was pretty cool.

They also have a kind of regular zoo area. Mostly with petting zoo kind of stuff. They had a pig pen and a kangaroo pen both of which you could enter and they had the standard goat, sheep, lamb pen where you could feed and pet the animals.

But, the most interesting one was they had a cage with monkeys, maybe they were reeses monkeys, I don't remember but they point is the monkeys will jump from the trees or walls right on to you.

Then the inevitable happens. They crap on you! 😖 My friend in the picture above, Taguchi−san, got pooped on. Then 1 jumped on my back, walked up to my neck and proceeded to pee down my neck!!! Yuck! 🤢 Maybe that's his way of saying "Hello, Let's be friends". It didn't occur to me until latter that maybe I should have returned the favor ;−p

They were pretty agressive too. One of my friends handed me some tissues to wipe off and they assumed it was food. About 3 of them immediately jumped on me and proceeded to crawl down my frantically waving arm to grab the tissues.

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