Marukai is a store similar to Mitsuwa.  I'm not sure if they are also a chain.   As for food they have more selection than the Costa Mesa Mitsuwa and they have better prices.  They require a $10 membership but generally you'll save more than $10 over Mitsuwa on your first trip.

They also have some Hawaiian foods although they are all frozen.  They have pork, chicken and fish lau−laus and they have kalua pork and kalua chicken as well as some poke mix and laup−chong (a sweet sausage that Hawaiians like especially in fried rice)

Directions: Take the 91 Fwy west until it ends just past the 110.  It becomes Artisia Blvd.  Keep going west on Artisia to Western.  Make a U−Turn then turn right into Marukai.  OR,  Take 405 and exit on Artisia East or Western North.  Marukai is at the corner of Western and Artisia.  Note: don't mistake the Marukai 99 cent store that's about a mile east of Western.

I've been told there is now a Marukai in Orange County too.

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