"low" is the name of a small cafe / d.j bar in Aoyama.

Wandering around Aoyama / Omotesando one day I stumbled on this kind if hip designer furniture and stuff store called Sputnik.  It's places like that that sometimes make me want to be filthy stinkin rich since all the stuff is so cool looking but SOOO expensive.  It's 3 stories with the 3rd floor being where you can have them custom design stuff for you

After looking around for a while though as I was walking out I noticed there was this sign, almost in the dirt that said "low" with a sign pointing down some stairs that lead to the basement.  It turns out there is a cafe / d.j. bar down there.  I think the d.j. thing only happens at night.

It was all kind of need though.  There are two sections, the lower section is lit by sky lights which are at about ground level.

I had some kind of ginger pudding which was excellent. I want to go back.



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