Lost In Translation


A friend over at Tokyopia.com pointed out this soon to be released movie called Lost In Translation about a couple of foreigners in Tokyo.

Advance word is that it's very good and I guess we are all hopeful since many of us at Tokyopia.com have gone through the isolation issue of being a foreigner here and plus I'm sure there are many interesting things in the movie. Maybe you can get a taste of what Tokyo is like. Bill Murray is awesome so I have high hopes.

I've heard a few Japanese friends of friends saw the trailer and are worried it will just advance bad and untrue stereotypes about Japan. I hope that's not true. There's an very interesting interview with the director where it sounds like she tried to avoid that although the scene in the trailer with the domineering woman in Bill's hotel room is probably what set off our Japanese friends.

There is a trailer here. It's probably best to right click and pick "save as" and save it local.

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