Loco Moco


Loco Moco is a restaurant that serves loco moco which is the Hawaiian surfer version of donburi or a rice bowl.

Loco moco is a bowl of rice with a hamburger patty on top followed by an over easy or fried egg and all covered in beef gravy. It sounds like the kind of thing some dude living in a shack saving all his money to surf everyday and who can't really cook well would think up.  Fortunately it's great!

Anyway, wandering around Shibuya I found this place called Loco Moco. It's in the basement of a building in the alleys behind the Shibuya Fridays.

They not only have traditional loco moco but they also have 20 or more kinds of donburi.  Instead of being completely the traditional kinds they've gotten just a little more creative. Some older Japanese people might sneer but us younger people would have no problem.

For example, I picked up the karaage chicken bowl with a tangy mayo sauce. It included the egg as well. Karaage chicken is fried chicken.

It was good, cheap for Tokyo, the portions were big and the place is surprisingly big for a Tokyo restaurant.  The place could probably hold 80−100 people.