Life Update June


It's been a few weeks since I've added to my weblog. Here's what's been up.

First we had finals at school. I did okay but of course not at the level I want. Listening particularly sucked. I got 30%. It's easy to rationalize, if I don't know just a couple of words then I don't usually understand any of it. Other then getting a buddy or a girlfriend (or a job) I don't know how to fix that. I can try to watch more TV. My current schedule makes that hard though. Maybe I should stop working at Digital Hollywood since I get very little practice there but of course that's up to me. If I could just get myself to be more outgoing I could probably get lots of practice there. 😞

So, This week I'm off. I've done almost nothing but sit at home. I had wanted to go somewhere but I'm bad at planning travel. In fact I'm not sure I've ever taken a vacation that somebody else didn't plan for me. I've got 3 weeks off in August so I should plan something for then but that's only 4 weeks away so I'd better decide quick. Any suggestions? It will of course be alone which I'm really not too excited about but wha'cha' gonna do? 😖

In leu of going somewhere this week I thought maybe I'd go to a cafe everyday for lunch or something and try to read some Japanese. It's really hit summer this week meaning it's so hot and humid you can see the humidity in the air even inside the subway train station. That means no going out unless I half to since the sweat will be dripping within minutes.

So, I've spent most of these last few days working on Thumbs, reading and writing e−mail, watching "One Piece" and playing games.

sea blob
One Piece