Laceless Shoes


It's about bloody time. Since I was in 7th grade I've always had a pair of Vans slip on tennis shoes partly since nobody else made slip−on tennis shoes. Well, now, only 23 years later, the rest of the shoe industry has finally figured it out and made laceless athletic shoes.

It's especially important in Japan since one is often required to take one's shoes off. Say to enter a Japanese style restaurant for example. Or infact to enter one's own apartment. So, as such, I kind of would like to get a pair. The problem is the prices are outragous here. If you check the prices on the U.S. Nike Page you'll see for example that the Air Kukini is list price, $95 U.S. That same shoe in Japan is list price 17800 yen. That's $142.40 at the current exchange rate. Maybe I should start grey market importing shoes. I could make a killing selling under market price here in Japan.

That aside, have any of you guys tried any of them. Adidas, Fila, Puma all make them too. Good? Bad? Different? Better? Worse? What color should I get?

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