Korean Online Game Addition


You may not know it but Korea is the number #1 networked country in the world or maybe that's the wrong way to put it but they use the net more than anybody else. The average Korean is on the net 18 hours a week and that stat is over a year old.

One minor explaination is that broadband in Korea is only like $20 a month flat. Cheaper than both Japan and the U.S. for example.

But, along with all that net access has come addiction. This article claims as high as 60% of Koreans have some kind of at least mild addiction.

My friend Inseon was telling me when she was in Korea she was addicted to the net. She was on it 6 hours a day. 1 hour of e−mail. 1 hour of websurfing. 4 hours of network StarCraft with her friends.

I was talking to some other Korean friends about this and they made it sound even scarier. They claimed there have been cases of people playing for 3 days or more straight without stopping and dying while playing. The said there have been reports of people getting in arguments over the games and killing each other. (of course people kill each other over any topic, Soccer for example) They claimed that for the men, 4 out of 5 of them play StarCraft and that if you do not play you are considered, weird, strange, stupid, un−cool and an outcast.

Do you know what a billion is?