If you don't think you like fish you need to go to Kiryu.

This is this extremely small dive of a place in Ebisu.  You walk up the main street toward Daikanyama / Nakameguro and just 2 or 3 buildings before Starbucks, if you are paying attention you might see the small sign for Kiryu.  It's on the second floor above some non−descript ramen place.

It's almost like a bar because it's only got about 10 counter seats and then 3 small tables that only have Japanese traditional seating (no chairs).  The owner always has some great tunes running and the food is just too good for such a dive.

There's nothing I've had there which wasn't just awesome.  Especially the fish.  If you are not a fish eater ask for a recommendation and ask for something that has no bones and I promise you will change your mind about fish.

Even if you can't get yourself to eat some fish they have plenty of other things so you should still go check it out.  Be warned though, being so small it fills up quick!

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