Kim Tar


Kim Tar is the kind of Chinese restaurant that looks dirty.  I'd be surprised if they got a A or even a B from the health department.  Fortunately I'm one of those people that thinks those kind of places are the most delicious.  Kim Tar is a chain and there are several of them.  I've been to the one in Cerritos and also the one in Anaheim.

Directions: Take the 5 to somewhere in Anaheim and find Euclid and Crescent.  It's behind the Chris and Pitts restaurant, kitty corner from the Anaheim Plaza.  The problem is the 5 is undergoing major reconstruction and there is no exit at Euclid.   The easiest way to explain but not necessarily the quickest way to get there would be to take the 5 north to Brookhurst.  Turn right from the exit on to LaPalma.  Take LaPalma to Euclid and turn right.  Crescent should be the next major intersection and Kim Tar is in the shopping center just before Crescent on the right along with Ten Ten and another Ranch 99 Market

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