Juvenile Japanese TV


You never know what strange thing you are going to see on Japanese TV but the easiest to find is the late night girly programs. Think the girly segments of Benny Hill times 10 or the Man's Show except only about oggling girls.

5 years ago the first one I spotted was the Mini Skirt Police. Back then it featured this guy with a huge beard in a dracula cape. A bunch of girls dressed in vaguely police like uniforms with mini skirts would compete in ridiculous games and to the loser of each round the guy in the cape would cross his arms like Ultraman's Specium Ray and shout "Nugi Nugi Beam" (Nugu is the verb to take off your clothes in Japan). The girl would then shed an article of clothing. First girl down to just her bikini or underware was the loser.

An even more silly segments I saw involved tying the bottom of a girl's skirt to a low−rider car by string and then bouncing the car up and down in the hopes of lifting her skirt far enough to see her underware. I don't know what they are up to now.

Tonight thought I saw a different program showing basically DOAXVB live. It was a couple of girls in bikinis trying to cross a pool by walking on floats and giggling as they fell.

Given the other programs that's not that big a deal but then this guy walks out in flippers, takes off his outer clothes and is wearing a briefs style bathing suit and he's sporting a woody sticking straight out pitching a tent. He then proceeds to make fun of it by hanging a flipper on it. Next he walks into to a room with sliding glass doors and facing the doors pretends he doesn't understand why the doors won't close all the way, his knob being in the way.

Other big thing in Japan is shashin shuu. The direct translation would be picture collection but they are specifically collections of pictures of a particular girl. They are about the equivalent of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue but these come out all year around and are prominently featured in all Japanese bookstores. They also have DVDs and videos of the same thing. Well, there's a TV program about girls trying to or learning to become a shashin shuu girl.

This kind of stuff seems more excepted in Japan and basically pretty much any woman you see on TV or in music has at one time or another had a shashin shu put out. You could look at it as Japan being more excepting of this, more tolerant or you could look at it as Japan not having grown up yet but then again we've similar stuff in the states like the Man's Show or this game.

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