Journal Standard


The Journal Standard is a chain of ultra expensive trendy clothing stores in Japan. There's actually quite a few of these kinds of chains. Beams, United Arrows, etc.

The Journal Standard in Shinjuku has reasonably priced cafe.

It's directly across from the Shinjuku Station NEW South Exit. The part of the station that's between the main station and Takashimaya / Times Sqaure.

It's actually kind of funny because the ordering area looks like a fast food joint and not very cafe like but they do have outdoor seating. They even have heaters when it's cold outside which is not common for Tokyo.

Probably the thing that sticks out the most they have a trailer parked on the patio. That is there burger kitchen. If you order a hamburger it is cooked in a small kitchen inside the trailer and then delivered to you. I guess it's that fresh Tokyo air that's support to make them taste better 😃

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