Jerry's Famous Deli


My understanding is that Jerry's started as a deli in Studio City near many of the TV stations and movie studios.  Since it was open 24 hours it quickly became a favorite if only because it was the only thing open at 3 am.  I used to love this place when I lived in L.A.  Since then it's gone downhill.  There are like 10 or more of them now around L.A and one in O.C.  They used to make great sandwiches.  Now the sandwiches are just a two inch thick pile of meat on bread.  No lettuce, no tomatoes, no mayo, nothing.  Yuck!  They are also over priced.  Said sandwich will cost you about $11

They used to have an interesting dish called Cholent.  It was a large plate of Roast Beef with potatoes, yams, beans and some other stuff.  It was really good and more than enough for two people.  They stopped selling it!  If I go there now (cause it might be the only thing open) I'll usually order the lox pizza or the lox plate.   It's kind of hard to screw up bagels and lox since it requires no work.

Avoid Jerry's

Jerry's Deli