Japanese Medicine


Read this scary article. I'm not really all that surprised. You may have read or been told of my limited but not completely unsimilar experiences with Japanese doctors.

It really hard to believe. Here Japan is supposed to be a major first world country and yet they appear to have 3rd world quality medical care. Is the because it's socialized? Like the stereotype of a government worker in America they just don't care? Is it really that bad? Maybe it's just my experiences (and this guy's). People seem mostly healthy here. I do see lots of bad teeth relative to America but then I see the same thing in England, maybe worse there infact.

I told mentioned to my teacher today about having to wait 3hrs to see a doctor once. I don't remember why it came up. She said that was pretty normal. What!!! Normal!?!? In America I was once made to wait an hour. The result ... I switched doctors immediately. I supposed that's a little easier in America. Here you can go anywhere as far as I know but of course you're most likely to go to the office that's walking distance from your house. You wouldn't want to have to take the train to see the doctor so that kind of limits your choices.

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