Japanese Chips


Tired of the same old Doritos, Pringles, Lays and Fritos?  Well in Japan though they have Pringles and Doritos it seems like they come out with a couple new flavors of chips every few weeks.  It's like flavor of the month.  They have regular plain potato chips and you can find Doritos here and there but or example you can also get "Funky Soy Sauce Pringles"

Here are a few I picked up just in the last 2 weeks.

Corn Portage
Corn chowder soup flavored puffs.  Not bad at all 
Dos Tacos
2 Tacos.  A pretty average Mexican taco like flavor.  In other words nothing at all like a real taco
Ishiyaki Bibinba
Stone cooked Bi Bim Bap flavor which is a Korean dish served in a hot enough to cook with stone pot. 
Onion Gratin Flavor.  Looks more like Onion soup with some potato gratin floating in the middle 
Doza Potato
Lumpy Tomato Flake chips.  Looks and tastes Pizza to me but that's what it says
Octopus Dumpling flavor.  Trust me, that's a good flavor
Yatai no Yakisoba
Yakisoba flavored chips like Yakisoba from a Yakisoba cart.  I guess that's the best way to have it.
Tare Yakitori
Seven Japanese Flavored Barbequed Chicken flavored chips.  How could that possibly be bad?
Agejaga & Mayo
Fried Potatoes and Mayonnaise.  Sounds good and fattening to me
Niwatori no Nankotsu Age
Okay. This one didn't do it for me.  Fried Chicken Cartilage flavor.  I don't like the real thing either.
Tonkoku Ninniku Ramen
Sliced Pork Garlic Ramen flavor?  Sounds good to me but then most things sound good to me
Uma Shio Ramen
Horse Salt Ramen flavor.  I could have that wrong but they do eat horse here.


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