Japanese can't dance


Well, that's not true. I just wanted to grab your attention. I'm sure there are plenty of Japanese that can dance just almost no Japanese can dance Hip Hop. I've noticed this since I first got here 6 years ago and I think I finally figured out the reason.

The reason is they don't know why they are dancing. More specifically, most Hip Hop and related dance is about sex. The songs are about sex so the dancing is influenced by that. Through the dance the dancer is trying to turn you on or at least express the sex in the song. But, Japanese J−POP hip hop copy songs are not about sex and even if they are dancing to western hip hop they don't understand the lyrics therefore they don't know with what feeling they should be dancing and they don't come up with the same types of moves.

At least that's my theory. 😊

Last week a friend invited me to a hip hop exhibition / competition. It happens the second Tuesday of every month at Core in Roppongi. I told her this theory of mine. After the exhibition I asked her if she thought any of them *got it* and we agreed of all the dancers only one had western moves. I wonder if she spoke English 😊

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