JAMMA show


So here are various pictures from the JAMMA show.  The JAMMA show is an arcade game show which is were my department shows off it's games.


Of course we have the demo babes.  These ones are promoting Spikeout.   Another Sega game from AM11 which is a newly formed department.  My friend Scott also from the USA is on that team.


Here is the Star Wars Trilogy game.  I looked pretty cool but the lines to play were long so I thought I'd wait until I can play it at work.  This picture is of the Speeder Bike Level.


Here's the Death Star Trench level.  They are supposed to have a Hoth Ice level but I didn't see it.


Some random offroad racing game from Sega


There are tons of gambling machines here in Sega and most big arcades have a large gambling area.  Gambling with money is illegal in Japan so you can only win credits with which you can get things like watches and other goodies.  Kind of like skeetball in the states except geared more toward adults.  To get around the law, supposedly you can take the prices to some window in the back of the building and exchange them for cash.  I don't get how that protects the establishment from punishment but it does.


Here is Sega's answer to Konami's hit, Beatmania.  I don't thnk this one was that cool.


Ocean Hunter is by my department, AM1.  It's basically the same as Gunblade except underwater.


These pictures are from the Naomi demo which is the name of the arcade hardware system Sega just released.  You can't see it in these pictures but Naomi supports, in hardware, shadow and light volumes so when the cars come out of the shadows the shadows actually crawl across the car.


This is Blood Bullet.  The game I'm working on.  Here it's about 40% done.   It is using the Naomi hardware.


Here's another example of a gambling game.  Simulated boat races including little plastic boats that are moved by magnets under the table.  Amazing.


Willis should be happy.  People are still making shooters.


And just like they are releasing classics for the Playstation they are re−releasing them in the arcade.


Some random Konami racing game.  Not sure what's supposed to make this different than any other.


This is Samrai Spirits 2.  Yea it's just another fighting game but the style is REALLY BITCHIN! 😊  I like watching people play.


Neo Geo also has a pretty cool cabinet with a small LCD screen at the top.


Some of you may have heard of Purikura or Print Club where a machine takes your picture and prints out 16 little stamp size pictures for you to put on postcards and stuff.   Well now the have machines that can laser etch them on to things like keychains, business card holders, etc.  Pretty cool.


Some random gun game with bad graphics


A delivery boy racing game.


More demo babes promting Operation Tiger.  Another random ugly gun game.


Operation Tiger


Another shooter.  Hooray!


This one kind of seemed like 3D Smash TV. Not bad but would probably be better at home.


Another demo babe.


This is Capcom's new fighting robot game.  It's pretty when the robots get close but 90% of the time they are far away and it's ugly.


This game you use light guns and try to shoot the can into the other person's goal.   There are light sensors and when you shoot one it "pops" the floor under it bouncing the can around.


Here's some games using Namco's Namcam (takes a picture of you and puts it above your player.)  According the Mark Cerny it was  done before along time ago by Atari.   The problem is, at least in America, is that it will likely become like Flash Mountain (ie, people will lift their shirt or drop their pants for the picture)


This is nifty gun game.  Clearly it is for a larger arcade.


Could it be?  Another Shooter.


Here's the latest Bust−A−Move game (no not the music one, the ball one).  Instead of all the balls at the top with the gun at the bottom the gun is in the middle and the balls follow a sprial track inward.  If they get to the center you lose.  You must put 3 in a row of the same color for them to disappear.


I have no idea what this game was about.  It seemed mostly about trivia but once in a while this Street Figher−esque game with two really fat cats came up.


Hey it's another 3D fighting game.


And another.


Of course somebody has to supply all the prizes.


Sanrio is pretty huge.  I want the Bad Batz Maru Snow Cap.


A company that make these was there. Evan, are you going to get one for your house?


Also a company that makes roller costers was there.  They didn't bring a roller coster just a model 😞


A VR simulation company.  Uck!


A lame laserdisc based roller coster similator.


The Dance Dance Revolution promotional dancers.


Me and Sakura!


One of the new characters from SSFA4.  The one in the middle.  Greggman.   Hiiyaw!


No really I was looking at the game.

Okay, these last few pictures are from the Tokyo Game Show which is for home games instead of arcade games.  Unfortunately there wasn't really anything I wanted to take pictures of.


Not sure who this Bunny is.


A demo babe for the Heart of Darkness promo.


Crash 3!


Again.  Crash 3 was huge there including a Crash stage show and over 40 monitors with Crash.


Hmmm, Tastes like Susan.  (from Monster Rancher)


The show


These are shots from the most interesting game.  A game about a typical Japanese family.  The first part has the father business man running from a huge 8 foot around marble global of the world that somebody dropped from the flow above him.  It was a really funny game.  The only think that stuck out at the show.


I don't know who all those people in red are but that demo babe in the center in green is HOT! 😉

Toy Club no Tokoro