It's HOT!!!


Today was only 27 degrees (80f) but it's sooo humid in Tokyo. You can see the humidity almost like a fog hanging in the air. Just a few minutes outside and sweat was running down my LEGS!!! Not just my forehead or back but down my legs. Yuck!!! And it's not even HOT yet. I should get into the mid 90s before too long. Ugh!!!

In other news, My J−Phone broke so I'm trying to decide what to do. I can get it fixed for $35 or I could switch to DoCoMo and get one of the new I−Appli phones that run Java programs. I also found (playing with my friends' phones) that the i−Mode phones are much more forgiving of HTML than my J−Phone phone meaning I can view alot more pages on an i−Mode phone than I can on my J−Phone.

So, looking at the phones the one model that sticks out (by style) is the Sony SO503i. Basically it has two, maybe three advantages over one other phone I'm considering. One, it's better styled than the other phone. Not sure that's an advantage but you know how that goes. Two, it's got a 65536 color display. One of only about 2 phones out that has that. 3, I'm guessing it's got a better interface as *generally* Sony is better at interfaces than their competition. The bad thing about the Sony is it has a bug and sales have been suspended until they can fix it. I might be able to get one (and if I do I can get a free upgrade to the fixed version) but I might also have to wait 2 months.

The other phone is the DoCoMo N503i. It's advantages are that it has an optional smaller font that can display like 20x18 characters and there is an optional keyboard that connects to it. And of course it's available.

If I switch though I'll lose the camera. None of the DoCoMo phones have cameras yet. 😞 Advice?

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