iPhoto for the Mac looks pretty cool. Easy to use, pretty etc, though it seems like it's still missing the features I would need to make me stop using Thumbs. I should probably try to make a few similar templates just for the hell of it. The only reason I had never made any more complicated templates is because this page crashes Netscape 4.X when the shadows are on. note: My website automatically detects Netscape 4.X and removes all the shadows. Anyway, it's the shadows which are basically image based borders just like iPhoto makes that crash Netscape 4.X. Maybe though it's not just those borders but the whole page. But, turning the shadows off makes it not crash.

Anyway, this being a rant, I bugs me that everybody is praising Apple for iPhoto and for making it so you can order books and order prints through Kodak and yet, if Microsoft tried to do the same thing everybody would scream bloody murder.

*) If Microsoft tried to bundle Photo editing software all the photo editing software companies would scream Microsoft was putting them out of business. But Apple does it and nobody complains

*) If Microsoft chose only to let you get prints through one company, Kodak, all the competitors would scream unfair competition

*) If Microsoft chose to have a windows.com and host all user homepages and e−mail on it everybody would scream they are trying to get everybody to view only Microsoft pages and yet Apple is doing just that with mac.com and nobody is complaining.

*) I'd even bet if Microsoft offered a book printing option people would scream Microsoft was trying to ruin the environment by allowing people to waste paper.

Whatever 😖

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