Inside the Japanese Guy's Heart


Every few months I see an ad on the train for some article, generally in An-An, that sounds crazy enough to make me want to read it and work on my Japanese. The latest was called "男ゴコロのツボを検証" or something like "Inspecting Men's Hearts" It's an article aimed women about what men like, want, etc.

First I gotta make some disclaimers, this is An−An which is probably very much like Cosmopolitian, I'm not sure how much you can really trust them. On the otherhand most of the stuff I read fits with my experience watching my Japanese co−workers. Also, it doesn't say "Japanese men" it just says "men" but I personally think it really only applies to Japanese men. And of course every individual is different. If this info is accurate it is still only the average J−guy, not every J−guy. Also note that An−An is aimed at women. These articles are aimed at helping girls understand what J−guys want so they can get one. Also also note I might get the translation wrong.

I don't personally think I think similar to the *stereotypical* American man if there is such a thing but there is what the supposed stereotypical western guy thinks. This article though is of course written for Japanese woman about Japanese men and so it supposedly represents the stereotype of J−Men and it's interesting to notice the differences between that stereotype, myself and the supposed normal western guy.

Also remember, this is An-An not ME!!!, my comments are in italic

The article is split into several parts. The first part is an interview with some famous male celebrities where it says some things like:

The next article is in a kind statement true/false format including comments by their panel of experts. For example:

The next section was various stats based on their poll. For example:

There was a small side bar of "Things your girlfriend did that made you happy" as in

And "Things your girlfriend did that you hated" as in

There were a few more pages. 2 pages with 5 steps and lots of details for getting a boyfriend. 29 techniques for getting the guy to want you. Many of them sounded like stuff out of the 50s and 60s like the song Wives and Lovers