If you didn't know it was there you'd probably never even notice this ramen place.  My friend Yuki wanted to try it out so we took the subway over to Roppongi and checked it out.

It's on the second floor of some random building above an AM/PM convience store.  You walk up and like many ramen places they have the ticket machine for you to choose what you want.  Once you get your ticket you sit down at a kind of private booth.

It's actually kind of strange.  I've been to a couple of ramen places that have these booths or partitions and I don't quite get the point.  It's so islolating.  I guess if you just don't want anybody else to look at you or be bothered with anyone else it might be good but I don't know.  I felt like most of the enjoyment of getting out to a restaurant was being taken away.

Still, the ramen was great.  As soon as you sit down they give you a little form where you can choose how spicy you want it, how you want the noodles done (more hard, more mushy), if you want the flavor on the weak side or the strong side and also what kinds of toppings you want added.

They've even got a couple of specialties you can order at the booth.  One of of which is their special soft boiled eggs.  I love those things.  Japanese eggs are so much better than American eggs.  I'm curious why.  Is it how they are raised?  Is it different food for the chicken?  Is it different chickens?  Japanese eggs have much much yellower yolks.  Try em.

colin and yuki enjoying ramen


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