So I passed. I got 90.5% on the grammer test. 86% on Kanji, 88% on listening (that's missing one question of 9). I only got 32 of 50 on conversation but I'm not too concerned with that. It's a very subjective grade and it's very hard to speak at the level I'm supposed to be at while I'm nervously being interviewed/tested by the teacher (and even when I'm not).

The teacher did say that she thought the test was to easy because everbody did so well. I think everybody in the class got above 90% except one person and he's got a job so he's only in class maybe 3 times a week.

I'm not out of the woods yet though. I still have a huge problem listening to TV, music, radio or other people. I still have a huge vocabulary deficiency. My teachers like to tell me that I'm doing very well for somebody that doesn't already know kanji. The majority of students are from countries that use Kanji so even if they don't know how to say the words they know what they mean making it much easier for them to remember what they are.

I don't buy it though. To me it's that kind of feeling you get when you're family tells you how hansome or beautiful you are when you know that in reality that's just the kind of things families say even if it's not true to the public at large. I really think I should be doing better. I've been studying in classes for 3 years and outside for another 9 months or so. I should be done damit 😐 Not struggling

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