Hurry Curry of Tokyo


If you haven't tried Japanese curry you should give it a try.  For lack of a better description, it's a plate of rice with gravy and usually some kind of meat.  Hamburger, Breaded Chicken (Chicken Katsu) and potatoes are probably the most common additions.  Unlike some other types of curry, Japanese curry is generally not very spicy.  Even if you order it spicy it usually won't come close to even a medium Mexican salsa in terms of hotness.

This is a good place to Japanese curry.  They serve the curry on the side like a bowl of gravy with a ladle so you can spoon it on yourself.

There is a small chain of Japanese curry places called Curry House.  I've been pretty disappointed every time I've gone there as their curry has a bad after taste.  Avoid Curry House and go to Hurry Curry of Tokyo.

It's on Sawtelle just West of the 405 and north of Olympic.


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