Hourly Rules


I'm curious, what's the rule at your company for time/hours/being late etc.

At my company it works like this...

Everyone is salaried. That means their yearly income is decided. No overtime pay. No matter how much overtime you work you don't get paid any. That's normal. Same in America. Same in probably other countries too.

In the states, it's illegal to dock salaried employees for missed hours⭐️. If you did it would effectively turn you into worse than an hourly employee because you can only get docked.

Work 8 hours, get 8 hours pay Work 9 hours, get 8 hours pay Work 7 hours, get 7 hours pay

Even then though you chould just choose never to work overtime and you'd never get shafted. It would be stupid because salaried is *supposed* to be better than hourly which it is if you can't get docked but it's worse if you do. It would also be a stupid policy because it makes employees think about it. "If the company is going to dock me for being a few minutes late then how do they expect me to give them any overtime for free?"

At my company they also have core hours. You are supposed to be in 10am to 3pm. Outside of that you are expected to work an average of 8 hours a day. In otherwords, today you could work 10am to 3pm. Tomorrow 8am to 9pm and that would be an average of 8 hours a day.

Many other companies I know also have core hours. The idea is to be flexible but also try to get people in the office at the same time for at least a few hours a day so meetings and other communication can happen.

The difference at my company if you are *late*, meaning you miss core hours, you get docked DOUBLE!!!!. That means, if you are 4 hours late, it doesn't matter if you work 8 hour that day, 3 to 11 say, you get ZERO!!!.

Even if you are only late 2 hours for example you are still getting paid 1/2 your wages for the same amount of work. This to me seems like it might possibly be an actual crime even here in Japan.

What is the policy at your company?

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