I got the chance to see the movie Hero. What an awesome movie. If you get the chance and you have at least a little imagination check it out!

I don't think it has made it out in the states yet but it's playing here in Japan and fortunately at Roppongi Hills it's playing with both Japanese and English subtitles.

I was pretty skeptical when I went to see it. Athought I like Jet Li a lot many of his recent movies have been pretty weak. But, fortunately this movie was an exception.

Of course it will be compared to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and I'm sure many will consider it a kind of copy although according to the Internet Movie Database they were made the same year.

What makes it special, like Crouching Tiger, is it's seriously and lavishly done. The art direction and cinematography are simply breath taking. The story is well done and interesting all the way through.

I know that some people just can't get into wire stunts. I don't get that. Generally those same people can go watch Spiderman swing through the city or Superman fly through the clouds or Trinity and Neo jump buildings but they don't seem to be able to get into or imagine the idea that someone could be so skilled they could walk on water or jump through the tree tops. In fact while I was watching it there was one girl a few seats away that would giggle at every little idea that people could be so skilled.

Fortunately I can imagine that and get into that kind of world and so I can get into these kinds of movies. Especially ones that are so well done. I would say the wire stunts in this film are better than Tiger. They also used some CG to great effect for various shots.

This is a MUST see movie. I will definitely see this again. Hero is on my top 10 list of all time.