Have you played Mat Crash?


Today I was walking through Kabukichou in Shinjuku with my friend Kyo and I stumbled upon this sign.

The sign

Well, if you know what Kabukichou is famous for then you can probably guess why I was surprised to see this sign.  I just had to take some pictures so here's the entrance.

The sign

Do you have any idea what this place might be?  It's called Mat Crash.  Here's some close ups of the various signs by the door.

sign above the stairs
Above the stairs

sign at corner sign next to stairs

You can see all the flyers stuck to the two signs above.  Here's a close up of one of the flyers.

The flyer/ticket

Don't know what it says? Well, here's my translation

Genuine Embarrassment

Wet Heaven Mat Play

Specialty Store


Holders of this ticket get
$20 off.

Free to browse pictures

  • * Hours 6am to 12midnight
  • * Entry Fee $10, Name Fee $20
  • * 6am to 10am $110 (40 mins)
  • * 10am to 5pm $130 (40 mins)
  • * 5pm to 12am $140 (40 mins)
  • * All cards excepted.
  • * We can issue a receipt
  • * Club members welcome.
  • * Welcome Tickets also excepted

Still don't get it?  Scroll down for the answer







































































































Here's the back of the flyer/ticket

back of flyer/ticket

I wonder what Konami / Universal think of this 😉  Maybe I'll have to check it out before they shut it down. 😛  On the other hand, maybe it's run by Konami because today I noticed that the game center across the same street from Crash Mat that was run by Konami is no longer there as in they closed it down just recently so maybe this is their new venture. 😃

Just FYI, prostitution is illegal in Japan or more specifically, straight intercourse is illegal.  Everything else goes.

ps: I added the censor dots above.  The reason being my contract with my ISP forbids me to put up certain types of materials and I really don't want to piss them off as I'm pretty happy with them.

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