I was in Akihabara last Saturday and stopped at Game Hollywood to look for some import games and directly across a new store had opened. I checked it out and it's a model train store called Greenmax.

The thing is, their speciality is Japanese trains and they appearently have almost every train out there. Perfect for all those people that like Densha-De-Go.

If you haven't lived in Tokyo you probably won't get these but for example, here's the Odakyu Line. Here's the Keikyu line. I used to ride that one every day when I worked at Sega's AM1. Here's the Keio Line. You can see that one in Shibuya. Here's the Tokyu Line, also available out of Shibuya.

Japan is the place for people with hobbies because you can basically find anything. To give you an example check out all the various details in the wheel structures for the trains.

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