GPU Conspiracy


Maybe I just have no search abilities but so far I have been unable to find any benchmarks comparing standard consumer video cards to high end FireGL video cards.

FireGL cards cost from 25% to 4−6 times more than a top end consumer graphics card. In the past, before consumer graphics cards existed these cards were amazing but now in the current market, as far as I can tell, they do nothing special. While I can read lots of opinions all over the net that believe they are faster and therefore the cost is justified I have yet to find a single one backed up by any facts.

It's almost as though there is a conspiracy of GPU manufactures that have some how prevented anyone from ever comparing them. Does the GPU mafia call up if you attempt to? Is it that people that believe in FireGL cards don't want their fantasy destroyed?

Alias even goes so far as to have a list of hardware they claim is required for Maya. There are no consumer cards on the list yet I know that nearly the entire game industry is running Maya on consumer based cards. Clearly someone is not giving us all the facts.

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