GPS pictures


Me and my short attention span. I've had a GPS enabled camera cell phone for a year and I never tried using the "attach GPS info to photo" option.

I was at the TokyoPC User's Group meeting and Mie of was showing off moblogging including GPS.

As she showed it I thought to myself, hmmm, I wonder if my phone has that feature. I knew it did but at the time I got the phone I really didn't have any interest and so I promptly forgot about it but I looked at the menus and there it was "Attach Position To Photo" (in Japanese of course). So, I gave it a try to see what it would do.

I was hoping it would put the GPS info directly into the JPEG photo. The EXIF standard has support for GPS info embedded into JPEG photos but no such luck. Instead it adds a link to your e−mail (at least when you e−mail the picture).

Here's the photo (taken during the meeting)

and here's the link from the e−mail the photo was attached to

Click it and you get a map. Sadly it's off by about 100 meters. 😞 I'm not sure if that's beacuse I was in the basement of some building and the signal was bad or if it's just because my phone is an older generation of GPS.

Torigoe Matsuri
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