Google's coding contest


Up until now I've been a pretty big Google fan. Well, if not a fan at least they seemed pretty cool. Everything they've done so far seemed to be on the up and up, cool for everybody involved. That is until now.

Now they just decided to offer a $10K prize for programming some cool function for them. What function is up to you. If you win, you get $10K. They get a free license to use and sell your software. Does anybody see anything wrong with this picture?

Sure, lots of companies have contests were you are asked to do some work for them. Design their next logo or their next slogan. But, those jobs can take minutes. Movie studios and Music labels have contests but generally you don't give it up so easy. For winning you get a contract, you get your creation published, you get royalties and probably a directing contract. Google is offering nothing of the sort. It seems that instead, for a measly $10K they are getting several hundred people to do free work for them. If you submit the work, they get a license to it even if you don't win. Really really lame 😞

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