Genghis Kahn Mongolian BBQ


If you've never had Mongolian BBQ this is not a bad place to try it.  Basically they have a salad bar type arrangement.  They give you an empty bowl and you fill it as full as you can with stuff from the bar.  They have different shaved meats (i.e. thinly sliced) like turkey, beef, pork etc.  Then they have some veggies like sprouts and cabbage and water chestnuts.  Then they have sauces.  There are instructions for how to mix the sauces above the bar.  You need to put like 5 ladles full plus some BBQ oil.

When you're finished you take your bowl to the cook.  He stands by a big round grill.  He takes your bowl and dumps the contents on the grill then with long chopsticks he pushes your stuff around the edge of the round grill.  He walks around the grill twice pushing your food along and then sweeps it back into your bowl with one quick move and it's done!

They also give you some steamed rice and a few optional extras.  If you go for dinner they have an all you can eat option.

Note: You should consider pushing your meats flat into the bowl so you can fit more in and then pilling the veggies heaping high on your bowl.  When it's cooked it will quickly reduce in size.

Directions: This place is in the same shopping center as Ebisu Ramen.  It's easy to miss because there are no windows.  It usually looks like it's closed but check the door.  It's not.  See Ebisu Ramen

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