Well I didn't know where else to put this stuff so here will be some small parts about food.


This is a GIGANTIC GYOZA!  It cost 9800 yen (about a hundred dollars) and if you can eat the whole thing by yourself in under an hour you don't have to pay.  There is NO WAY!  Although, Natsuko says her friend actually did it and was on TV because of it.


They also had a huge plate of regular gyoza and a huge plate of fried rice.  Sound like it might be good for a party


Yutaro and Kyoko are two friends of my friend Scott.


They served me my first bowl of Nabe.  It's really easy to make and Kyoko's was Kimchee Nabe and it was delicious.  It's basically a bunch of stuff boiled in soup broth.  You keep it bowling at the table and add things to it as you take others out.   I've been told it's more common to eat in the winter.

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