A great thing about living in Japan is every month or so you can walk into an home electronics store and see the latest gadget. The one I saw recently is called Feminity (can you guess what the target market is from the name?) You thought bluetooth was going no where? Well, Toshiba has wired up all the home appliances with bluetooth so if you buy all the Feminity products they can all be controlled centrally. The way it works is there's a 12 or 13 inch touch screen LCD display you put somewhere in your kitchen. From there you can do stuff like:

Of course tracking your kids requires that you subscribe to a service and have your kids carry a small lojack type device on them. I thought push button Jetson style living was never coming but it seems like maybe it's getting closer each year. They show it also tracking what groceries you have but I suspect that requires you to tell it what you added and what you removed. About 10 years ago Xerox showed a system where if they put a lojack type thing on every item (like something like the anti−theft tags on CDs or books) you could track all that stuff effortlessly. Another example Xerox had was if everything was tagged including yourself you could ask your computer questions like "where did I see that cool shirt with a green and red pattern on it last week" since it would know everywhere you'd been and every item you had passed. Xerox used (uses) it inside their labs. You can do things like say "send this e−mail to everyone that was in Tuesday's meeting" and you can walk up to any computer and have your desktop and your documents appear automagically on that computer. The voice mail system also automatically routes a call to you to the phone nearest you.

Panasonic DMR-HS2