Felix Continental Cafe


felix.jpg (47297 bytes)This is a great Cuban restaurant on the Orange Circle in Orange City in Orange County 😊  In fact it's probably my single favorite restaurant.  Everything I've had there is great.  Usually I order the Chicken Cordon Bleu because I like the creamy sauce.  I've also had the Chicken Supreme which is pretty good and the Arrozo La Cubana (I'm not sure how it's spelled).  It's made with rice, 3 or 4 types of meat, asparagus and maderos (banana like things).  It's really good but is easily enough for two people.  Expect to take some home.  Also they have some great appetizers like Empanadas and Crocettes.   I'm sure my spelling is all wrong but it's delicious.

Something that's also cool about this restaurant is it's got outdoor seating and it's in the Orange Circle which is designated an historic area of Orange County and looks like it's from earlier in this century.

Directions: Take the 55 north of the 5 to Chapman Ave West (away from the hills).   About a mile down Chapman you will come to a traffic circle (the road becomes a circle).  On the South West side of the circle is the restaurant.

Filipino place on South