El Cishco(sp?)


If you are looking for good mexican food in Tokyo well, you are basically S.O.L. But, in the meantime you can try this place. In Japanese it's written ERU KISHIKO. I assume it's something in Spanish translated to Japanese and so it's not exactly correct. Maybe El Cishico?

Well, it's not bad. I felt like I got some of my mexican food fix there. In general Japanese don't like refried beans or black beans. I think it's because they are used to sweet beans. They eat "an" beans all the time. They have almost exactly the same texture as refried beans but they are sweet and they get put inside donuts and other Japanese desserts. It's probably exactly the opposite for most Americans. Being used to beans as a non−sweet thing it's hard to except the concept of sweet beans. Fortunately I like them both 😊

But, the point of all that is this restaurant had no beans or at least not many and I'm guessing that's because most Japanese patrons wouldn't eat them.

Bob Sapp