Maybe you've seen this but today I found the Open Directory Project. It's kind of like a version Yahoo except it's run by volenteers. You can volunteer to be incharge of a particular category if you want to. The only bad thing is it's run by Netscape so if they go out of business then it may be history.

The reason I found it is because I wanted to list my Wells Fargo Sucks page on and guess what....Yahoo no longer takes free site submissions. Maybe that's jumping to conclusions but I spent 20 minutes trying to find a way to do it and I couldn't. Clicking the Submit a Site button takes you to a place where you have to pay $199 to submit your site AND NO LINKS TO A FREE WAY TO DO IT!!!. This might mean the end of Yahoo if they keep it tha way.

So, I went to Google to list it on their web directory and there web directory actually is just a link to the Open Directory Project.

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