Display Show Pics


Just in case you were curious here a pictures of some of the displays at the Tokyo Display Show 2000

This is the 25 inch 2560x2048 Sharp display. I which I would have snapped a picture when it was full screen but all I can tell you is that it looked gorgeous.

This is the Samsung 19&quot. 2048x1536. It was the first cool display I saw and was pretty excited about it until I saw the Sharp.

This is a 61 inch plasma display form Sharp. Yes, this is on my Christmas list if you feel like getting me something for Christmas (or you could get it for me for my Birthday which is sooner 😉

This was a mockup color LCD watch from Epson. I think they were just selling the display and that there is no actual watch product, at least yet. I wish I had taken the picture when a more interesting display was up. It showed sample interfaces and stuff like that.

Also at the convention center was a Publishing Trade show. We looked to see if we could see a demo of electric paper but we couldn't find any. What I did find was this e−book above. I don't think electronic books are going to be all that cool until they perfect e−paper (just like regular paper except it's actually a display). The e−book above is about the size of an average Japanese manga book.

One other *silly* thing I saw at the publishing show was this *ART* plasma display. I'm not sure what the real point is. It's just a plasma display, behind a frame, displaying various pieces of art. Of course as the display can't change size it's going to have to display some cropped version of the art. What I didn't get though was why this was a *special product* vs somebody just going out and buying a plasma display and putting their own frame in front and connecting it to a computer. Maybe this one has the computer built into the display. They did have a list of art they have available for it.

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