Diet Wars


I went back to the Frontline site yesterday and found Diet Wars. It's all about American's obesity problems, the various diets, what really works and what doesn't.

It's probably obvious that all diets basically don't really work or you could look at it as they all do work as long as in the long run they lower your calorie intake. Lowering Fat doesn't work because usually your calorie intake is still the same. Lowering Carbs and only eating protein and fat kind of works because you'll most likely end up eating less calories but you'll also hurt your body in the long run. Basically you just have to do what common sense tells you. Eat less and move more.

But the program goes into a lot more detail than the summary above covering things like how America's kids are coming down with diseases that were usually reserved only for overweight older people. It looks like it's going to be a huge problem in the near future. Also how basically America's whole culture now is about eating all day long while sitting in front of the TV or computer watching TV, videos, cable, video games, netting, etc. How people believe stupid things like if you eat 3000 calories of fat vs 3000 calories of carbs you'll get fatter. You won't, you'll get he same amount fatter. It goes into things like the details of low fat or fat free foods and how they have the same amount of calories so they are not actually less fattening but that people thinking it's all about the fat general eat even more of them make it worse.

If you've got broadband I really suggest you watch. Even if you don't have broadband you can still read some of their materials.

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