Dessert Company


I found out about this crazy little dessert cafe place called the Dessert Company buried in the middle of the Harajuku and Omotesando area so hidden I'd be surprised if anyone would ever find it without word of mouth.

I actually got lost trying to find it even with a map in my hand but in the end I found it down this side alley from the main alley inside a small cul−de−sac. Without the small street sign out front I may never have found it.

Turning the corner into the cul−de−sac there was a more clear sign above the door way although even with that sign I wasn't sure I had found the place.

The cafe is actually in a very plain looking building stuck in between a bunch of other residential buildings.

You can't see any kind of real entrance or a cash register or any other indication you are at the right place.

Near the entrance there is a funky little custom built refrigerated dispenser machine were you can get their desserts to go. Their gimmick appears to be that all their desserts are extremely small although I suppose not that small for Japan. They serve lots of them in little tiny glass jars. Others are just small but because of that you can safely try more than one 😃

That's not the only interesting part though. If you decide to eat there you end up walking up these impossibly thin steps into the top of a strange designer room where you sit on other steps and stair at the ceiling while enjoying your dessert. There's something strangely peaceful about it.

If you are in the area you might want to check it out.  There's a map here.

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