Design Festa 2001-11


I checked out Design Festa for November 2001.  For whatever reason I didn't take nearly as many pictures as the last time or the first time.  Maybe there weren't as many interesting things or maybe it was that at least a third of the exhibitors were the same as before but still I did take a few so here they are.

We've got to start with Pigman.  I have no idea what this was about. I guess it's just somebody's creation.  Does he look like anybody you know?

I thought these were kind of interesting with the picture kind of spilling over into the real world so to speak.  Not something I'd put in my home I guess but still pretty cool.

That reminds me of these t-shirts I saw where there was a picture on the front of the t-shirt where one piece of the picture was missing and that piece was attached to a necklace so that it hung down in front of the shirt appearing where it was missing from the image on the shirt.

This is a group of paper robots.  You could buy the papers, cut them out and build them yourself.

This is a close up of a tree, maybe a Christmas tree, made entirely out of used plastic drink bottles or Pet Bottles as they are called in Japan.

I could make one of these pretty easily.  I used to use about 4 of these bottles a day.

This is a CAT FISH. 😃

It's a submarine manned by cats.  It was about 6 feet long 4 feet high.

Here are close-ups of the portholes with the cats inside controlling the submarine.

The whole thing was slightly animated with the fishes fins and mouth moving the and cats inside bobbing around, moving their eyes and stuff..

Of course there's *that woman*.  Hisa Kumiko.

She was the purple CD woman 2 festas ago and the fatigues binoculars woman at the last one.

This time she even had a miniature figure of herself.

She has a homepage here. And there's a gallery of her work.

I'm very curious where someone like her gets her motivation, inspiration etc from.

Here are a group of robot aliens?  This is only one set. The guy that made them had 15 or 20 different sets.

One guy had made all these little characters.  He had pins and buttons and all these clocks.

That's all the pictures I took this time.  Maybe next time I'll take more.

If you are more curious, there are several movies of the event on this page.  Click on any of the links then pick a movie.  The top link under each movie thumbnail is for the broadband version, the lower link for "narrowband" 😉

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