Design Festa 2001


Design Festa happens twice a year in Japan.  Here's some pictures from Design Festa May 19th 2001

Burr it's cold in here.
It must be something in the atmosphere
Oh, that was a spicy meatball!
Lay's brand kid krunchies are mmmm mmmm good!
I think these girls were there last time?
Beware the evil green garlic monster!!!

Actually his stomach is a TV and was showing a claymation video staring him.

These cute little clay guys are each about the size of your thumbnail. I bought one 😊
I laughed when I saw this t-shirt 😃
I really like abstract paper sculptures. This one is about 2 feet tall.
These ones are about 5x7 inches.
This one is maybe 10x13.
Two cute women made all of these
I think I liked this one best though it was hard to pick
I'm not sure what these girls were doing or selling but they had a ramp and were asking people to walk up it for absolutely no reason.  Therefore I had to walk up it 😊
I'm going to guess that this is the same woman as the purple girl at the last Design Festa

Here she is sitting on top of chair about 12 feet above the floor and looking through binoculars. What she's looking at is shown on the TV in front of her.  There was a megaphone in front of the TV and a sign that said "using the megaphone and call out OVER HERE!!!"  It took me like 5 minutes to talk myself into doing it.  Nobody else was either and of course I'd have to speak in Japanese but I refused to leave until I did it.  I'd really like to meet this woman.

One of the lone creations.
Paper animals.  These ones were pretty cute.  They were selling printed cards that you would then cut out and fold into these animals.

A wire hulk.  This guy had several wire sculptures.  He was also selling several smaller ones for like keychains and things.
This is another groups paper animals.  I supposed the ones above are cuter but these ones were more amazing in that they were designed so well.  The company is called Kei Crafts and you can find much better pictures here. Click on the links beside each image for closer views

Almost everybody has there has e−mail but not everybody has a webpage and even if they do there isn't always alot to see.  But, here are a few that have at least something.

Elta Design : Knit dolls, bags, pillows.  Click on the links at the top of the page to switch between items

Zozo the Bambino : The deer from hell (I guess)

Tomato Cream Soda : That sounds wonderful, don't you think so?

Chaos Planet in the Other Side : Some cute characters.  For example this picture book and these comics

Genome Roid : This guy had these pretty cool metal sculptures made from various metal parts of other things.  You can see a few of them here.

Knitwork Orange : A collection of small knit fish like things.  We had them out in small wicker bowls and u sed chopsticks to *serve* them like they were food.  Here's a links to a few pictures one, two, three, four, five

Feed Music : Music to eat?

The Freaks : Various strange and interesting creatures

Sacra : Drawings

Knock-chan : Or Puckhead as I like to call her.

It's HOT!!!