Death of the Camera getting closer


Last summer I predicted 1megapixel cellphone cameras would be out by this summer. Well, I was right! 😊 J−Phone has the new Sharp J-SH53 and Docomo has 8 new 505 models 3 of which have 1megapixel cameras. (one is even 1.3 megapixels)

Like I mentioned before, it's only a matter of a few years until most people no longer need a camera. I'm sure all you camera lovers will scoff at that but camera lovers (including myself) are the exception. Most people are happy to take snapshots with a point and shoot camera and for that, a cell phone camera is going to cover their needs. Closed, the new Sony 505 looks almost the same as some of their smaller P series still cameras.

Of course I can here you say "but cell phone cameras suck", yes, but they get better every year. "yea, but cell phones with cameras are expensive", not here in Japan. Try 1 cent + 1 year contract. It's in the phone companies' best interests to give you one because you'll most likely start e−mailing pictures which they charge for making them money. "Yea, but e−mailing them is slow and costs money", yes, but all the cameras mentioned above use either memorysticks or sdcards so you don't have to e−mail the pictures and if you want them printed you can just go to your normal photo developing place, hand them the phone (or the card) and in a few mintues you'll have prints.

With that in mind, J−Phone has an ad campaign currently running about printing your cell phone pictures.

The ad copy says "these pictures, in reality were taken with a cell phone"

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