Dawn of the Dead (remake)


I watched Dawn of the Dead (the remake) just for the hell of it. I gotta say that I'd really be happy if someone would make an intelligent reality based horror movie.

Maybe that's an oxymoron. By reality based I mean something like 28 Days Later vs something like Hellraiser. Something that seems semi based in reality instead of something based in magic or religion although any intelligent horror movie would be great.


Dawn of the Dead I'm sure is entertaining but the older you get the less you can excuse all the BS about don't kill that guy, he's bit but you just can kill him and all the other BS like saving the dog, splitting up when their's no need, driving like madmen just as an excuse to have a car flip, etc, etc, etc. Even things that are not techincally wrong but are still fairly unbelievable like a gun master not being able to take care of a zombie or two coming through a dog door that he is prepared for.

...(end spoilers)...

Another would be without all the irrational people. Yea, I know, people are irrational but still, it's so cliched it's boring. I'm sick of the only reason anyone dying is because some character is too stupid or too "compassionate".

Lots of people say, "with out all that kind of stuff the movie wouldn't be interesting" to which I say BS. The movie would be 1000 times more interesting if it had flawless logic because it would actually be different from 99.99% of all the other horror crap.

I can't think of any off the top of my head except maybe Aliens.

the nail that sticks out...