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You wanted to know more about me?  Here you go...

I'm a little shy at first but once I get to know somebody I open up.  My friends would not consider me shy at all and I'm definitely not shy at work.

I can be extremely romantic when I'm in love and I'm romantic at heart.  I still want that wonderful relationship with somebody I really connect with on all levels.

I can be very playful and very crazy when I'm comfortable with somebody.  As long as you're not embarrassed neither am I.

I come across as the kind of guy your mom would love.  That doesn't mean there aren't things about me your mother would rather not know but you'll have to find that kind of stuff out yourself instead of here because I don't want my mom to know those things either.  In other words I'm not a "goodie two shoes" (Where the heck did that expression come from?)

My previous girlfriends thought I was pretty wonderful.  What more do you want? (1)

If it's not clear from my website I'm a video game programmer.  That doesn't mean I'm a "nerd" in the bad senses.  Only in the good ones.  I'm very smart (not wise just smart)  I know computers inside and out which means I'm always asked to help my friends and family with theirs.  It also means I'm doing pretty well generally.  I have yet to have to look for a job as they always come to me.  I'm pretty lucky in that way though I've earned it through alot (2) of hard work.

I give good conversation once I open up.  I, possibly unfortunately, have an opinion on almost everything.  I have some knowledge about quite a few things.  I'm also quick to learn most new stuff so I'll catch on quickly.

I'm very open emotionally in the sense that I'll tell you what I'm thinking.  If I think I need to talk about something I will.  I do tend to over analyze things though.  I'm working on that. 

I'm also working on getting out more.  Right now I don't have an activity partner.  One friend had a family emergency and the other is for all intents and purposes engaged.  There are quite a few things I'd like to do from rollerblading to tennis to swimming.  Parties, dinning,  movies,  plays, museums.  I love trying new restaurants.

I'm 35 (or will be real soon) and I am looking for a long term relationship.  I don't want to settle for something that's not right but I am very seriously wanting to meet that wonderful person that I can share a wonderful life with.

I'm one who believes common interests are very important.  I'm not looking for a clone but on the other hand if we have nothing in common what will we do together or talk about?  I of course like technology and video games.  I'm not crazy about video games though.  I've probably spent less then 10 hours this month playing anything.  I love opening night movies.  I love dogs (sorry but a few years ago I became allergic to cats)  I love the ocean.  I love learning and speaking Japanese.  I love animation, animation festivals, cartoon network, anime.  I love the Discovery Channel and TLC.  Some Fox News, CNN and a little MTV, VH1.  I'm not a big sitcom person though I have gotten hooked in the past.  I love creating things.  Games, programs, webpages, crafts, food, photos.

I've read about some dating services like "Just Coffee" or "Speed Dating" where the idea is that you can very quickly know if you want to see somebody again.  I believe that is true.  On the other hand I don't think it's true that you can know if somebody is going to be a good match quickly.  I can tell you in my previous relationships I generally knew the person a few months before we really started hitting it off.  I think that means I prefer to start as friends.

I really need to take some new pictures.  These are not good ones.  Trust me.


Hope to hear from you.  Write me here.

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1) I'm not somebody that thinks you shouldn't talk about past relationships.  Those relationships helped make me me.  Many of my first or best experiences happened in those relationships and so they will come up.  I expect the same is true for you too.  Accept it.  It's your history.  Share it.
2) I'm one of those people that thinks "alot" should be added to the language as everybody seems to use it.  It's kind of stupid.  They can add "Inputting" which if you go back 15 years didn't exist but they can't add "alot"  What's up with that?

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