Daddy's is listed as a cafe.  I guess that makes it less formal than a restaurant.  Maybe it was just because it was at night and the lights were dim that it didn't seem to have that cafe ambience so maybe I'll have to try it again in the day considering it's only 5 minutes from where I work. 😊

I went alone.  It seemed like everyone was a local.  Local happens to be Shibuya and although Shibuya proper is the place where all the teens hangout, to live in Shibuya you've got to be taking in a pretty descent income.

By the way, if anybody wants to buy a condo at the new Aoyama Towers a block away from here and rent it to me cheap please speak up!

One thing I was not used to when I first came to Tokyo is that many restaurants have a singles table.  I'm not sure how else to describe it.  It's a table that seats like 10 to 20 people and anybody that comes in alone, or if the restaurant is busy, couples too, gets seated at that table.

So, there I was, the only person at the 10 person table and about 1/2 way through dinner 3 local woman came in each with their itty bitty dogs that they carried in their bags.

Since my stepmom does that same thing I asked if I could take their pictures with all the dogs to send to her.  I thought she's appreciate that she's not the only one taking her dog everywhere in her bag.  They seemed happy to show off their doggies.

As for the food.  I was happy with what I ate.  I had a Russian cream based soup which was yummy.

Aso Bit City